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Features Basic Web Ecommerce
Category Limit: 1 2 5
Short Description Size: 500 600 750
Description Size: 5000 7500 10000
HTML Editor:
Keywords Limit: 500 750 500
Zip Code:
Email to a Friend:
Suggestions: - -
Number of Classifieds: 0 1 2
Classified Images: -
Number of Images: 0 2 5
Number of Documents: 1 2 5
META Keywords Limit: 250 250 250
META Description Size: 250 250 250
Left Column Banner 120X40: 0 1 0
Right Column Banner 250X250: 0 0 1
Pricing: Option 1
Term: 1 Year(s)
Setup: INR0.00
Price: INR5000.00
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Option 1
Term: 1 Year(s)
Setup: INR15000.00
Price: INR10000.00
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Option 1
Term: 1 Year(s)
Setup: INR56000.00
Price: INR21000.00
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Details Of Listing Plans

Basic : This just gives a listing space for promoting your business.

Web:This gives following:
1.1GB Hosting Space with 5 Mail Accounts.
2.10 Page professionally designed site with all SEO optimization one time
3.Business Listing Basic Package
4.Business listing features as noted in Plan.
5.Higher priority than Basic plan in all listing results.

Please Note: Setup charges are one time and is for website designing. The recurring charges are for listing and hosting of your site.

Ecommerce:This gets highest priority in any listing results. This is a comprehensive plan for those who would want to start a online store and includes following:
1.Silver Hosting Plan For Your Own Ecommerce site to be hosted with us.
2.Full featured e-commerce store software installed on domain. CHECK FEATURES
3.Custom design integration and complete configuration of e-commerce store.
4.Three Classifieds Posting Limit.
5. Complete profile listing as per details in the plan.
6. Highest Priority in all listing results.

This means that we design and setup a high end e-commerce store for your business and also promote the same through listing on this site.

Please note: The setup charges are one time and covers the setup, design and configuration cost for your online store where we will eve setup 100 items and configure all taxation/shipping rules etc.