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Perfect MS Exchange Alternative On LINUX at 60% less with Over The Air SYNC of Mail and PIM Data
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MS exchange Alternative On Linux

MS exchange Alternative On Linux

MS exchange Alternative On Linux

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Scorpio Informatics Pvt Ltd  has been offering conventional mailing solution services based of Exim + Courier and Exim + Dovecot setup for over a decade now besides hosting. Of and on there always has been requirements of  a MS Exchange type of service which has all the major features of MS Exchange Hosted MS Exchange solutions were also steeply priced ranging from $10 to $15/Month/mailbox which many SMB's found costly.

We offer Hosted MS Exchange Alternative solution on Linux for SMB's as well as single tenant fully managed dedicated servers preloaded with 1000/1500 users limit. We have kept our pricing to be affordable enough and to be classed in Cheapest MS Exchange Alternative on Linux when compared on feature to feature basis. Nothing is half baked on our service when it comes to having Native Outlook + MS Exchange like experience as all MS Exchange Like features from Outlook are implemented through a True MAPI Connector which is offered free to all users.


For larger than SMB setup and for Dedicated Server clients we also offer integrated XMPP Instant Messaging Server to take the service a step closer to Unified Communications.


Exchange Active Sync is used (as against the buggy SyncML based sync used by few other competitors) for Over The Air PUSH sync on Smart phones. Any Device that works on S Exchange will work here too. Taking a step ahead, Blackberry is also supported through Astrasync client which doesn't need the expensive BES server. SO Blackberry users enjoy the same functionality at less than half the cost that they would incur while on MS Exchange Environment.


Currently we are offering this only for 50 account and above. Please check Pricing page for further details and ordering.


All order processing, billing, support would be handled by Scorpio Informatics Pvt Ltd so you will be taken to that site once you start ordering.

Madhya Pradesh India

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