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There are may directory services which ultimately end up being a junk data service as there's no manual intervention and control on quality of data. We do not intend to be FREE service and nor do we intend to compete with such services which are already in abundance on web. Few salient features which we have incorporated to be different from crowd are:

  • User Account Admin Moderated: All user accounts are moderated by Admin. So unless the account is approved by Admin manually no submission will be visible on site.
  • 270 MB Free Web Mail Account On So that all leads that are generated reach without fail over email we provide a free 270MB mail account with unique feature of Read Without Opening Mail. We do not intend to run a service where one lead is emailed to all listings and finally no one gets anything out of it. No advertisements on Mail interface
  • Manual Optimization of Listing on Ongoing basis: On ongoing basis we do optimization of listings so that they are in line with the latest guidelines of search engines and so avoid any degradation of listing. Though we cannot guaranty any positioning but we always ensure on ongoing basis that for a few keywords being searched in real the listings are finding favorable positioning.
  • Your Content Your Ownership to data: There are services where you pay for everything and yet have no ownership to data and content as the same is claimed to be owned by the service operator. Also they give you no access rights. Out here, its your data your content and we never claim any intellectual property rights to your data. It's ridiculous to find many parallel services do this which we consider unfair practice.
  • Realistic Pricing: We have kept pricing very realistic and are not charging fortunes as many services do.
  • Straightforward, Openly Published Plans: All our plans with details of each are openly published on site. So there's no ambiguity and all clients under a plan are charged same amount.
  • One Time Site Designing: Under certain plans we offer one time site design also. The content of site is hosted on your domain as we do not want that we should claim intellectual property rights to your content and data. Subsequent years you just pay hosting and domain renewal charges. Unlike many other providers you have ftp access, domain control panel access in addition to listing modification access. Hosting space is provided by default under those plans. Domain registration will be charged additional.
  • Freedom to post link backs to your site: You have complete freedom to post link back to your site. We do not restrict your right do modify your data yourself. There are many services where you aren't even allowed to edit anything yourself and aren;t given any link back despite paying huge recurring fee every year.
  • Classifieds Section: If you have something to sell directly then two plans allow posting classifieds. Those classifieds sections again have full control with you. Only restriction that we put is that certain items are not allowed to be sold as per laws of land. Other than that, there's no restriction.
  • Statistics Section: Detailed statistics section in your customer control panel to see hw any hist your listing is receiving, how many users visit your site from your listing etc. After all if you are paying then you have the right to know how your listing is performing.
  • Post Documents & Images: Our flexibility just doesn't end at allowing link back to your site. You can post documents and images relevant to your listing. The moment the same are posted the details are available for public in the More Options section of your listing detail page.
  • Contact Form to contact directly: Visitors can contact you directly from the contact form and there's no need to publish your email address. There are some services where each and every listing has one common email address. Out here everything is your own.

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