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Shear Knives & Blades

Shear Knives & Blades

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Manufacturer Shear Knives And Blades

Shear blades and chipper knives are cutting tools which demand high degree of accuracy,impact resistance and durability as they are required for both, hot and cold operations.Selection of raw material, processing and fabrication is carried out under the supervision of experts at one of the most sophisticated manufacturing plants of the world. Special care is taken to impart perfect hardness, compression strength, wear-resistance, toughness and shock resistance. Used for specialized cutting operation in a plethora of industries our shear blades are manufactured up to length of 3150

Shear blades are made of high quality, heat resistant special steel. Stringent quality controls are applied to every blade produced.Every shear blade pair for double, triple and quadruple gob operation has the same pressure and wear at the cutting edge.


• The shear blades are sandblasted to increase the surface area. This causes better retention of the cooling liquid which optimizes the cooling effect.
• A special hardening process ensures that a high percentage of the materials alloying components are changed into carbides. The carbides guarantee that the hardness of the shear blades is preserved even if the shear blades are accidentally overheated.
• The shear blades have excellent emergency running properties in overheated situations.
• Custom blades manufactured for specialty glass applications.
• Special grind on blades available.
• Resharpening services available to reduce overall shear blade expenditure.


• Optimium cutting dynamics with partial flexibility in the clamping area, combined with the tempered cutting area.
• Parallelism and planimetry of the cutting edges within tight tolerances offer even,minimal stress on the cutting edges in addition to superior operating reliability.
• Exceptional durability within minimal wear and tear due to low cutting area pressure.
• Special relief grinding of the upper cutting edge avoids shear blade marks.
• Various cutting edge angles for special applications.
• Effective cooling agent adhesion due to the matted shear blade surface allows adjustment of the shear blade temperature for an optimum cutting result.
• High form stability of shear blades under stress due to the arrangement of side stamping developed from practical experience.
• Regrinding is possible with high quality Deetee shear blades. The reground blades perform equal to new blades and thus lower the unit cost of the shear

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