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Perfect MS Exchange Alternative On LINUX at 60% less with Over The Air SYNC of Mail and PIM Data
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Mail Service For Doctors

Mail Service For Doctors

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One of the most Advanced Mailserver with unparalleled features. Such features are available on services absed on MS Exchange which costs 3 times more than what we charge. In addition, the entire service is based on LINUX which is far more stable and secure on WEB than Windows.

Advanced Mail Server:
High end mail server integrated with Calendaring server to give you complete Personal Organizer which includes Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Journals, Contacts (Outlook Interoperable) and mail folders. So schedule your meeting, tasks, jot down notes and all is available across all device (desktop, web interface, handheld device).

Unleash the power of Outlook:
Through the Free MAPI connector that we provide to ever premium user, unleash the complete power of Outlook and get the same experience that you would get on native Outlook + MS Exchange setup. Control server side filters, Out of office notification, Change your account password, update your contact details all from Outlook and data is updated on server. MAPI Connector features Offline Mode (Cache Mode) working also where all the data is available on your notebook or desktop and you can still work where there's no internet connectivity and once you are connected all changes are synced both ways. One of the advantages of MAPI connector is that it does not transmit your ISP IP in header so even if you are on a blacklisted IP chances are that your mail will not be rejected by remote host.

In addition, the connector doesn't rely on SMTP ports so even if your ISP is blocking ports your mail sent from Outlook will flow through. Port blocking is a common phenomenon on Data Cards.

Over The Air Wireless Sync Of Mail & PIM Data:
All data changes to your account are synced over the air in real time to your handheld device depending on the sync preferences set by you on your device. No Cradling to desktop, no cables, it's all automatic. So while you are in court and your secretary is replying to a mail in your account from your office, as soon as data is sent the same also gets reflected on your handheld so you are always in touch with data flow.

Devices that are supported are:

Nokia N/E Series smart phones.
Windows Mobile V6 and above
Apple I Phone
Blackberry smart phones (which works without BIS/BES Plan through commercial Astrasync client) and you can sync all folders (and not just Inbox like it happens on BIS Plans). Cost of Astrasync client is additional and not included in the Plan costs. So unleash the complete power of your Blackberry without BIS/BES plan and save on monthly costs that you pay to your service provider. Check Astrasync Features In short any device that works on MS Exchange will work here. If your device is not supported out of the box then you can also check at DataViz if they have a client which is available on small charges. For a complete list of devices supported Out of the box Please Click Here

AJAX WEB Interface:
All web access is on Refresh Less AJAX Interface and the layout would give you desktop like experience even while working through WEB Interface featuring a very powerful search (search as you type) and all Outlook style features also incorporated. No refreshing of page. Even message list is like in Outlook and the reading panes can be adjusted to vertical/horizontal as you would do in Outlook. In short it is a Complete Desktop like experience on WEB Interface.

Mobile Web Interface:
If you prefer not to activate "Over The Air Sync" (Wireless sync) on your device and would like to access through WEB interface fro your smart phone, then your device is presented with a very light weight interface automatically thereby reducing data transfer charges.

Password Enforcement/Expiry policy:
If you operate a net banking account, you would be aware of this. Passwords are set to expire after a pre-defined period and last "XX" number of passwords are not allowed to be set as new password. Best part is you can reset password from Outlook also in addition to WEB Interface.

Powerful Personal Organizer:
Powerful Calendaring server to offer you complete Outlook Interoperable Calendaring, Tasks, Notes and Journals. Keep all your schedules, tasks, notes and journal entries always available on your account to be accessible from anywhere (Outlook, WEB Interface, Handheld Device)

Server side Anti Virus / Anti Spam:
Server side Antivirus and Anti Spam control. Eliminates all the spam right before it finds way to your mail box.

2GB Default Storage Space:
2GB storage space provided by default. As and when you need you can request addition of more space in blocks of 1GB at nominal costs. There's no limit to how much space addition you can request.

Binary Data Store:
All your account data is stored in BINARY non human readable storage containers so offers higher security as compared to conventional mail services.

Per folder synchronization policy in Outlook:
Control each folders synchronization policy in case you want certain folder synchronization policy to be different from the account default settings.

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