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Hosted Ecommerce Store With Advanced Ecommerce Store Builder

Hosted Ecommerce Store With Advanced Ecommerce Store Builder

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With our hosted solution you spend your time to run your business and leave the rest to us once your shop is online. No more of looking for someone to upgrade, patch, do custom modules. Code upgrade is automatic just on click of a link in admin so you are always ensured of having the latest code running your store. We have no hidden charges and all you pay is what you have agreed to pay. Our platform is not some customized oscommerce, zencart, acart, bcart and so many other community supported ecommerce softwares which are limited by design in terms of feature addition. It's coded from ground up with security and functionality in mind and fully supported codebase and any custom module to add additional functionality to store is possible due to modular approach of design. Limited Sites Hosted per server and LSWS web server is used instead of APACHE due to tighter security and better performance of LSWS for PHP driven sites.

Enterprise class ecommerce platform could cost huge. One such example is Magneto Enterprise class platform which costs more than US $12000/year. Others like Yahoo stores have bare bones stuff and if you engage consultants to get all the features that we offer even in our Silver plan the costs would be at least 3 times the costs if we were to do your project under "Turnkey" assignment basis. Add to this the regular costs that you would incur for upgrading, patching software etc.

Our approach has been driven by the fact that business owners are not software experts and once store is live then they should be concentrating only on making their venture a success rather than spending time on security patching, software upgrades and relying on freelancers to do all this. In addition, if your store based on such platforms needs some custom module then again you are left alone and again have to rely on freelancers and few such custom modules done by different free lancers and your store may reach a design bottleneck as everyone is working with just the objective of quick turnaround time.

Our Service: eliminates all the hassles, troubles and problems as you get everything under one hood. Few salient features are:

  • One Click Upgrade: One click (from admin of your store) upgrade to ensure that you are always running the latest code. We do all the dirty work of upgrading the core and once you click from admin your store is upgraded in less than 30 seconds. No visible downtime at all.
  • Automated Upgrade: If we add a module to core backend, then every store is automatically upgraded to be running on latest code.
  • LiteSpeed Web server: Litespeed web server is what is deployed on servers that we host ecommerce sites on. This is because it is faster than Apache, ssl engine is 3 times faster than Apache, it's secure as it allows running in cgi mode and still be compatible with Apache+PHP in non cgi mode. Each user files are executed as user and not web server owner. Check Full Feature list
  • Codebase Support: Codebase is fully supported by us as it is coded from ground up with security, modular expansion in mind. This is not some customized oscommerce and other free open source software which many providers pick.
  • No Freelancer needed: You will never ever need any freelancer to do any integration, custom work. We are always there to attend to your requirements of custom module development. So you will never ever have to give admin/ftp access to any third party freelancers.
  • Highly expandable: Many hosted ecommerce service providers just offer what is there out of the box. This means you are restricted to just the available feature sets and if you want something more it could be a dead end. On our platform, since software core was designed with modular approach, we are sure that we could do additional custom modules to hook to your store in case you would need one.
  • Secure and Stable LINUX platform: 75% of world on web is NON Microsoft. We do not do anything on Windows. It's all on LINUX with PHP and MySQL. Linux is far more secure and stable than windows which barely has 17% of share of active sites on web. We do not and will never in future ever support any windows hosting platform.
  • Advanced Administration Console: Store is managed completely from web based administration console. There no code tweaking ever needed. For security reasons we disable FTP once store goes live. We do enable only on request for no more than 24 hours as many a times due to compromised client machines accessing ftp the credentials are leaked.
  • Professional Premium Support: We also offer professional premium support on monthly charges basis should you need. We can also provide a dedicated Technical Account Manager to you who would be attached to you on annual support contract.
  • Extensive Online Help Documentation: We have extensive online help document available for download from Support section. We keep adding documents to this section and also keep revising the uploaded documents as and when necessary.
  • Hosting control panel: cPanel hosting control panel to configure your mail accounts, see site traffic etc. cPanel is world leader in hosting control panel on Linux.
  • PCI Compliance: Client credit card details are never stored in database when you are using supported online payment gateway. PaypalPro is provided by default.
  • Dedicated SSL Certificate: Dedicated SSL certificate for your store. Shared SSL looks so unprofessional and cheap when it comes to "Branding" value of your store.



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