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Boltless Racks

Boltless Racks

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Boltless Racks which are also termed as Rivet rack is a shelving which offers an economical solution to any storage need for various types of racking and shelving solution, from the small back room to the multi-level archive storage system.

The parts and accessories are interchangeability and easy assembly are
only two of the many reasons why Giraffe Rivet Shelving can solve storage problems and save money as the maintenance cost and repairing cost s negligible. 

We call Giraffe Rivet Shelving the Universal Shelf Framing System because so many storage requirements can be met by only a few simple components.

Giraffe Rivet Shelving is engineered to provide safe, economical storage of virtually any type of hand loaded material. Structural integrity is ensured by a rigid boltless connection between beams and posts.

Bolt less Racks / Rivet Racks manufactured by us are featured with

• Boltless
• Easy Self Assembly saving lot of precious operation time
• Low cost and feasable for racking and storage system
• Good Finish and is available in wide range of attractive Colors.
• Low Maintenance cost as it featured with Interchangeability of parts
• Products stored get a clear Access from all sides of the boltless racks
• Shelves are Adjustable at pitch of 1.5 inches/38 mm.
• Varieties of decking shelves


CONTACT us for all your need of  storage solution which consist of racks and shelves. We will provide the most competetive rates with internation quality rivet racks 

Industrial Storage Racks

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