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Tata Steel Distributor Indore

Tata Steel Distributor Indore

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We are dealer and distributors for the region on Madhya Pradesh in indore for  hot rolled steel products manufactured by steel TATA Steel Ltd,For providing better services to our respected customer, we have two separate godowns in Indore & Jabalpur to cater customer demand respectively.


FOLLOWING Are the details of the HOT ROLLED STEEL PRODUCTS Thats DDHK deals with manufactured as hot rolling process




Following are the main features of Tata Shaktee Galvanized Corrugated Zinc Coated sheets


Thickness- TATA Shaktee GC Sheet comes with exact thickness with duly computerized printing of it after every meter on each sheet.
Length & Width- Accurate dimension to Length and width of sheets it is equal to standards specification, which gives you true value of your money.
Zinc Coating- These sheets are having uniform zinc coating of 120 gram per square meter. Under feed forward X – Ray technology that gives guaranteed to even surface protection. This is duly printed on every sheet. We also provide higher zinc coating material upon requirement.
Zinc Adherence- Manufacturing in Advanced Technology (Cleaning Base material by skin passed treatment before Zinc Coating), Cleaner steel surface ensures excellent Zinc Adherence.
A 0.30 mm to 0.63 910 mm (3’ Feet) 2440, 3050,3660,4270,4880 
B 0.45 mm to 0.80 1220 mm (4’Feet) 2440, 3050, 3660, 4270, 4880

Applications:- Roofing and Cladding houses, Industrial sheds, warehouses, animal protection sheds etc.


Rectangular Steel Hollow (RHS) and Square Steel Hollow (SHS) for structural uses in small and big industrial shed. This is the alternate solution of conventional use having better strength and cost saving 

1) The raw material used for manufacturing these rectangular & square steel hollow sections comes from Tata steel’s state-of-the-art hot Strip Mill, which manufactures Hot Rolled Coils, Comparable to the best in the world.

2) The Excellent distribution of material around the axis of these rectangular & square steel hollow sections. Allow for remarkable strength qualities and thus offers vital advantages as regards application technology.

3) Due to their high torsoinal rigidity and compressive strength, they perform more efficiently than conventional Steel Sections.

4) Their higher strength of weight ratio could result in up to 20 % saving in steel.

5) The smooth, uniform shapes of these sections minimize corrosion and help easy, on-site fabrication. 

6)  Tata Structura Rectangle & Square Steel Hollow Sections are manufactured at the standard tubes plant, which has been designed by Kusakabe, Japan.    

Tata Structura Rectangular & Square Steel Hollow sections are supplied IS 4923 and having yield strength of YST 310, which is unique which you will not get in the production range of other manufacturers 
Major Applications Area:-
Bridges, Cranes, Tractor Trolley, Automobile Chassis, Material Storage Racks, Furniture & Partitions Rack, Shopping Mall, Truck, and Bus Body, Industrial Shed, Glow signs Boards etc.
Ease for fabrications and errictions, Ease in Maintenance, Free from Sharp edges, Aesthetic looks, 

Available Sizes: -  TATA Strutura Range availability 

    Section Thickness
A  Square Section:- 25 mm x 25 mm to 250 mm X 250 mm  2.6 mm to 8 mm
B  Rectangular Section 50 mm x 25 mm to 300mm x 200 mm 2.6 mm to 8 mm


TATA Steel Ltd and Australian BlueScope Steel Ltd’s have made a joint venture company and introduced Colour Bond Galvalume Steel Sheets for best choice of roofing. This Product has been named “DURASHINE.” Colour coated Galvalume steel sheets have a special Zn-Al mixture with extraordinary paint system, under which; it ensures longer life of steel.

Following are the product range of “DURASHINE”:-

A) Durashine Colour Coated Zincalume Sheets:-  Durashine Colour Coated / Silver finish Zincalume Sheets which are used for various purposes like roofing, cladding etc for industrial sheds, Residential houses, ware houses etc. These are available in corrugated and profile shape. 
Available in 0.45 mm Thickness with five unique Colours.

B) Durashine Z/C Purlins are roll formed from high strength galvanized steel with 120 g/m2 Zinc Coating mass, which save more than 40 % steel, by weight. Compare with conventional steel. 

C) Durashine Guard Hut is made of full visibility with virtually unbreakable transparent sheets for better use. These huts are made looking to the requirement in Multistoried, Shopping Mall, Watch Tower, Bungalows, and many more places. 
Guard Huts – The first impression for your building. 
Ready Available In
2287 mm (7.5 ft) 1800 mm (5.9 ft) 1200 mm (3.9 ft)

For ready reference below mentioned are the Benefits of above product. 

1) Corrosion Resistance - Superior Quality Zinc Alluminium (Zn-Al) alloy coating ensures longer life in comparison to any other offing Solutions.

2) Thermal Efficiency – Zinc Alluminium alloy coating ensures high heat reflectivity by this means-making colour coated sheets an energy-efficient solution also.

3) Leak Proof Overlaps – In case of heavy rainfall, Water has a tendency to move upwards, which causes leakage through sheets overlaps. However, the special channel provide in TRAPEZOIDEL Profile restricts this upward movement of water, resulted it Leak proof.

4) Longer Preservation of Colour- Superior paint bond ensures colour durability, gives a uniform and smooth finish to the colour coated sheets this ensures longer life of steel and provides it resistance to damage, peeling and fading.  

Applications: - This product is appropriate for,
(A) Industrial Shed  
(B) Wallclading      
(C) Guard Hut etc.


0731-2515935, 36, 37, 404

302, Silver Mall 8-A, R.N.T. Marg, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001 India

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