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Scorpio Informatics Pvt Ltd Web designing & hosting services company.

Scorpio Informatics Pvt Ltd Web designing & hosting services company.

Scorpio Informatics Pvt Ltd Web designing & hosting services company.

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Scorpio Informatics Pvt Ltd is in existence since May 2000 and is a debt free company founded and managed by Technocrats fro leading institutions like IIT. Thrust has been to serve clients who value quality of service and support more than anything else. We always have been focussing on adding new and unique services to our portfolio and be different from so called one man army hosting companies for whom web prsence eans open some tool and put up a shabby deign and then fool the clients. Services that we offer are:

1. Domain Registration and Management: Unlike most of other companies, we do not register any domain unless client has a verifiable address as it's ICANN requirement. Most of the 0ther companies register domain in their name and never give any domain management acccess to real domain owner and it is here that we differ from such companies who believe in holding client's domain as hostage. We have been instrumental in getting many clients out of such troubles with such companies.

2. Website Designing and Hosting: We have a fully qualified team who understands the latest technologies on web. Website is no more an ART of yester years but it's more of technology driven. We do not advise clients on indiscriminate use of Flash on site like any others do to squeeze more money. Flash is not meant for just about any site. Since we own our own server network we know what search engine crawlers like in terms of site design. Few examples of our catalogue type of corporate site designs are:,, ITRC, TaraazFashion, Giraff Storage, Jash Engineering, ACERT USA to name a few of ore than 200 odd sites done.

3. Database Driven Portals: We specialize in database driven portals like Jobs Placement sites Directory ServicesCMS Based Magazine sites or anything which is database driven. In line with our policy we do not work on anything that needs WINDOWS hosting as 75% of world on WEB is free from windows for obviosu reasons. Few database driven sites that wehave done, host and manage are:,,,, etc

4. Hosted Ecommerce Service SAAS Platform: Revolutionary SAAS platform absed hosted ecommerce service where the store owner will never ever need any services of any freelancers who just work and then disappear when it comes to providing post sales support. Check out features

5. Mailing Solution With Smartphoen Support: Profession dedicated Mailing solution with smartphone support and a full fledged Calendaring server included. COmplete outlook support through free MAPI Conentor provided where each and everything can be controlled from Outlook. High End Refresh Less AJAX webinterface. Services that we offer under this are: and also have future plans to add many more domains under this segment.

6. MS Exchange Alternative On Linux: You can check for detailed information on this.

7. Managed Dedicated Server: Fully managed (24X7) dedicated server on LINUX and with also LSWS instead of Apache. We have client servers doing 1000GB /Month compressed tarffic and servers have been up with no downtime for 400+ days.

8. Coprporate Mailing Solutions (Conventional): In addition to the MS Exchange ALternative on Linux we also do conventional mailing solutions for Corporates. We have one of the tightest SPAM control in industry as we resort to many custom setup in adition to the conventional spamassassin based setups.

9. Shared Hosting: We also provide sahred hosting and do not offer any UNLIMITED stuff as they are mere scam. Nothing comes UNLIMITED unless there's UNLIMITED Money. If UNLIMITED really worked then google wouldn;t be having a 15000 cpu procesing power. Theywould have hosted everything on one of those UNLIMITED Crap.

10 Custom Software based on homogenous Oracle Setup: We also do custom application development under homogenous Oracle environent/setup only. No hetrogenous setup is considered. So Homegenous Oracle setup means front end and backend is all Oracle. No VB + Oracle setup as we do not touch anything related to Microsoft products for the time being.

Madhya Pradesh India

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