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City/State, or Zipcode Premium Account With Over The Air PUSH Sync Premium Mail Service With Wireless Sync Support For Legal Professionals

from Premium Mail Service With Smartphone


Date: 07-29-2010
Expiration Date: 07-01-2011
Price: 1800.00



Description premium account subscription which gives a high end 2 GB mailbox with Over The Air Wireless Sync of All MAIL and PIM (Contacts/Calendars/Tasks) on supported smartphones like:

Nokia N/E series
Windows Mobile 6.0+
Apple Iphone
Blackberry Smartphone through AStrasync Commercial client.

Full Outlook support through MAPI Connector provided free. Use Of Calendars and task which is built in will allow you to forgo your case diaries as data will always be available on Desktop/Web interface and your supported Cell Phone.

Subscription charges are on annual basis.