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Wholesale Chalk Suppliers India,Dustless Chalks, Blackboard Chalk Pencil Supplier, Dystless school chalk Manufacturer

Wholesale Chalk Suppliers India

Wholesale Chalk Suppliers India

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We are leading suppliers of Dustless Chalks for schools and various education institution. The dustlaess chalks are the most prefered chalks for blackboard in school, colleges and various other educational institutes where blackboard teaching is most importtant element in teaching and education

Dustless chalks for blackboard are gaining it popularity due to its various advantages

The particles of dustless chalk are very heavy and tend to fall directly to the floor instead of floating in the air, while the particles of the normal chalk floats in the air.

The dustless chalk writes smoothly without scratch, while the normal chalk leaves some scratches on the board.

The dustless chalk does not break easily while the normal chalk breaks easily.

Les wastage of chalks which makes it very economical


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Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001 India

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