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Interactive Whiteboard, Interactive Whiteboard for classrooms, supplier interactive white board, dealer interactive whiteboard india

Interactive WhiteBoard India

Interactive WhiteBoard India

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Interactive White Board: 

Interactive  whiteboard is a robust digital interactive board suited to education environment  with  fantastic  capabilities  made  for  Teachers,  Pupils,  Educators  and  Trainers  in  mind. When  connected  to  a  computer  and  a  data  projector,  the interactive whiteboard  becomes  a  large interactive  learning  tool  allow  to  embed  ICT  across  the whole  curriculum. Lessons will  become entertaining  and  interactive  and  students  will  become  engaged  and  concentration  spans  will increase.  Simply touch the Interactive whiteboard with the a pen and run all computer functions, such as opening files, running digital video clips, or downloading free content from the Internet from the front of  the class so  there  is no need  to  return  to your computer and  lose  the students' attention.


is a powerful new visual presentation, teaching and training tool. Ideally used with Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors or even portable banners, it makes learning, dynamic and interesting.

It is the perfect solution for all training and presentation situations, classroom teaching and lesson recordings. It’s powerful zoom allows you to view text documents and 3D objects in the minutes detail, Saving time and money with the image and video capture facilities.

It’s light weight and compact design features 2 side arm LED’s which foldaway, while the camera arm fold forward neatly. It also features a positive / negative function, split screen, back light, auto focus and 330 degree turning head.

Class Screen

The Classcreen is an interactive panel which uses technology to combine an LCD monitor with an interactive drawing tablet. It is a perfect tool for use in lessons, lectures and presentations. Bright, bold annotations can be created with a wireless pen over any computer or IT software based point and click applications. 

The Classcreen allows you to easily annotate over pre-prepared lesson slides and then allows you to capture the annotations and diagrams you create on screen by saving them as computer files for use in another lesson or revision session. The Classcreen is visible in both dark and bright sunny conditions and the image on the screen can be projected via a projector to a pull down screen or Interactive White board, which works extremely well in school halls and large rooms

RF Slate: 

The RF Slate is a graphic tablet which is used to communicate with an Interactive Whiteboard or computer through a wireless RF interface that plugs into any USB port on the computer. It allows you to navigate your way through files lesson plans and content while moving around the classroom. It has all the functions of a full sized interactive whiteboard. 

As it is wireless, it can be passed around the classroom for the students to navigate to their work, add notes or annotate over resources. Teachers no longer need to stay rooted to one place - behind a lectern or in front of the class.

Interactive Response System: 

Class Comm: Our new and improved Interactive Response system is launching, taking  learning into the 21st century. 

ClassComm allows participants to use their own personalized memory card to give answers in a variety of ways, enabling the presenter to truly canvas the views of the audience.

The ClassComm software means presenters can spontaneously create questions during a session, or even prepare a structured layout for the audience which can be used time and time again. Answers can then be transferred, collected and analyzed for future reference, so the participants have a permanent record of their results and feedback, which can be accessed at any time. 

ClassComm works with any application and is now Vista compatible, meaning the full testing feature can run with any laptop, projector or pc

Optoma Projectors: 

Optoma Projectors capable of projecting in any assembly hall or lecture theatre. They can light up any presentation with a razor sharp image, which makes teaching to large groups easy! Brightness 2600ANSI lumens,  Available in XGA & SVGA native resolution  Easy to use with games consoles, DVD players, digital satellite/TV boxes & PCs/laptops, Vivid colors for stunning video & pictures, Password protection for added security  RS232 control for meeting room control systems, No Maintenance. Filter free design


We At Embeam Solutions are the dealers and supplier for INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS IN INDIA

Contact On Email Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001 India

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