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Connecting Rods repair,Locomotive Engine Block Repair,rotor shaft repair

Engineering Machining workshop India

Engineering Machining workshop India

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With a high end infrasture and mahines backed with highly skilled experianced technical staff all jobs are done and is backed with suitable guarantee of performance.We are pioneer in developing and using number of the state of the Art technologies and processes like metal sintering at cryogenic temperature (Sub Zero Degree Centigrade) for restoration of Dimensions to provide and special surface properties using State of the Art Arconomic® system. In this system the designing of repair is done with a systematic and scientific approach.



Connecting Rods, Connecting Rod Repair india,repair connecting rods,rebuilding connecting rod We undertake repair,rebuilding and refurbishing of component is Heavy Engineering machines like

CROSS HEADS : Repair and rebuilding of cross heads

CYLINDER : Cylinder repair, Cylinder rebuilding and refurbishing of cylinders used as component of various reciprocating assemblies.

GUDGEON PIN : Repair of Gudgeon pins

PISTON ROD : Piston Rods repair,Piston Rods Supplier & Piston Rods manufacturer

CONNECTING RODS : Repair Connecting Rods, Rebuilding Connecting Rods

Plunger : Plunger Manufacturer,Plunger repair, Electroplating and chrome plating of plungers


The wear compensation is done by Arconomic® sintering on worn out area/Journal / Seat at Cryogenic temperature with uniform hardness and high surface finish.This type of rebuilding rules out physical distortion and metallurgical changes generally associated with conventional rebuilding process. It maintains designed strength of components With a proven track record of over four decades



Turbine Rotor Shaft,rotor shaft manufacturer,turbine rotor shafts repair,repairing of rotor,rebuilding of rotor,rotor repair

CENTRIFUGAL PUMP :  We are centrifugal pump assembly manufacturer and also undertake turnkey jobwork for centrigugal pump assebly repair.

SCREW COMPRESSOR : We repair screw compressor at our workshop

TURBINE REPAIR : we undertake turbine repair worked back by performace gurantee

GEAR BOX : Repair and rebuiding of gear box for various enginnering machines

ROTOR SHAFT: Repair turbine rotor shaft and rebuilding rotor shaft, we are also manufacturer of turbine rotor shaft

ROTORS : Rotor repair works and rotor rebuilding job work are performed with high precision at our engineering workshop

IMPELLER : Impeller Repair and impeller shaft repair work, we also manufacturer impeller and supplier of impellers in india


We are one of the leading engineering worshop and reclaimers of sophisticated engineering  components of HEMM, locomotive, Turbine assembly, Pumps, Compressors, Gear Boxes, D. G. Sets, process plant and machinery.



Repair of engine block,repair of locomotive engine ,repair of dozer engine,Generator engine overhaul

Following High Pressure Assemblies are repaired

manifold repair
valve block rebuild and valve block repair
Cylinder repair
Repair of engine block
repair of locomotive engine
repair of dozer engine,
Generator engine overhaul
HEMM engine repair.



We are serving clients from various background industries from government and private sector Chemicals, Railways, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Cement, Power, Mining, Steel, Sugar,etc for sophisticated repairs, design and development, Import substitution


Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001 India

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