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bagh print sarees, bagh block printing sarees, bagh print handloom sarees

bagh print sarees

bagh print sarees

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Indian handloom cotton fabric bagh print sarees available in wide range of colors  which are made from vegetable dyes and the block print are  design from various garden prints. Bagh print sarees are made in the old fashioned way with hand block printing. Bagh prints is a traditional handicraft handloom work from Madhya Pradesh have a definite handwrought aesthetic. Slight variations and overlaps of the printing of handblocked prints are normal and are a sign of their authenticity.

Bagh print is a native print done only in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh by their rural population. This print usually consists of nature, plants, flowers, trees, nature in general and is thus named "Bagh" which means "Garden". It is made using hand carved wooden blocks instead of being printed by machines. There is this irregular feel to it which can be found only in handmade fabric. This amazing fabric is light like all pure cottons and great for clothing. It can be used for whatever your heart desires. 
The fabric used in bagh print sarees is made by the local people. It not helps in rural developemnt but is also these people's only source of income. the bagh block print on sarees is a traditional handicraft work by artist who have inherited the art from their ancestors. 
We are supplier trader and exported for BAGH PRINT SAREES  we also deal in BULK SUPPLY of bagh print sarees
bagh print sarees, bagh block printing sarees, bagh print handloom sarees

Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001 India

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